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First released in 1990, House Party has become a staple piece of urban cinema over the years.  The title explains what it is about in a nutshell. So yes, it is about a house party, but not just any house party. It’s the party of all parties and everyone who has seen this film has wished that they were there. From the music, the characters, the girls, the guys and the vibe – this now legendary cinematic shin-dig had it all.

CHARACTERS: 80s/90s rap duo Kid N Play (aka Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) play high school students and the two leads, while comedian/actor Martin Lawrence appears as their friend and DJ Bilal, in Lawrence’s big screen debut. Elsewhere actresses Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson are friends Sidney and Sharane, who serve as love interests for Kid N Play.  And then, as with any good movie there is the villain. Or in this case ‘villains’, courtesy of 80s r&b group Full Force, who play the school bullies and all the round bad guys, whose mission seems to be to make Kid’s life as difficult as possible.

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