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Want to write in the margins of library books? No problem, you can now check out books on the Kindle application. Amazon has announced that beginning today, more than 11,000 libraries will be able to loan books for Kindle readers. And books library Kindle include all the advantages of e-reader sign, including the Whispersync, which coincides automatically any notes, digital tags, or highlights might make - and even cooler, and all your notes will be available the next time you leave this address particular.

You do not need to have a Kindle actual, although you do not need to account And will be available through the library books for the Kindle robot application, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry or phone and Windows, as well as in your web browser with drag Kindle reader. Amazon sets the whole process of borrowing:

    Customers will use the site to the local library to search for and choose a book to borrow. Once you have selected the book, customers can choose "Send to Kindle" and will be redirected to to log in to your account at, and will be delivered the book to determine which device via Wi-Fi, or can be transferred via USB.

Books will be deleted from the device after the end of the lending period (usually two weeks) has ended. While the capabilities of new lending is very interesting, would not only lead to a small part of the Amazon digital titles will be available through libraries. In addition, the arrival of the other devices library loan for a period of time by application overdrive - but perhaps without the bells and whistles of the Amazon.

In any case, and verify the location of the library to tell us about the availability and choice! He said earlier in the Amazon that there would be strict limits on what types of books will be available for a loan the library, but we'll see whether this change.
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