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This was really the end of Erica Kane on All My Children on the finale? Also, if it was, or not, soap icon, Susan Lucci took to Facebook this afternoon to last her thoughts after watching the last episode television network!
According to Susan: "I have just finished to watch the final episode of All My Children - time very emotional for me. And I am very grateful to present and show the ABC to pay tribute to beautiful for my children each and Nixon Agnes. And Agnes and ABC for a great opportunity to play an amazing Erica Kane. At the center of everything my gratitude to you, and fans. I thank you from the depths of my heart for being always there for us to spend all those days with us in the valley of pine and sun to bring a lot in my life. Let us hope to get all to see more from the valley of pine and beloved characters Agnes Nixon created. ended today's episode with quite a cliff hanger - and I really want to see what will happen next! "
What is your takeaway from the statement, Susan? Do you think it may end up with the online version of the Prospect Park AMC? Or, is this the last we will see Erica Kane?
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