daphne guinness

Finally we got to read about the piece of Daphne Guinness in the New Yorker magazine this week (and we had formerly occupied with the file of Jean-Paul Gaultier) and we found a few gems.

For fans of Daphne Guinness, which may be fair, it takes a lot of shock. Between the crazy clothes, and wear clothes in the windows of the shop, and McQueen's famous dating married a French philosopher and wear shoes armored 10-inch, and there is not much that can be done or Daphne says that surprise us.

But to make this line of the New Yorker us smile:

     Alfonso tried to Teresa, Guinness personal assistant, to get her to eat some pasta that was prepared for the production team. "If you eat, I can not work," said Guinness, which was based on Red Bull and guarantee. "We will eat when I'm dead."

But of course. Why waste time doing something so mundane, very ordinary, unartistic even put food in the mouth?

We admire the dedication to her character Daphne (as said before, "the mentality.") In the same vein, starvation, Daphne is ready to bear any physical hardship in order to fashion and art. When stratified apologize for any inconvenience while placing a heavy collar around the neck Guinness "and heiress says simply:" Are you kidding? "
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