girls in short short skirts

Skirts are Out, Vaginas are In

Hey ya’ll!  Let me ask you guys a question. How do you know when your skirt is too long?? Well I’ll tell ya! When you can see it, its too long. If ya can’t see my vagina from the front and from the back, well then that’s a big no-no.

Seriously girls? I see these bitches with these microscopic mini skirts and all I can think is that its just too much information. I can already see their genitals in plain sight. Oh but wait, when they’re on an escalator or a staircase, I can see their fallopian tubes.

Short Skirts are Really Sexy

Skirts are really fascinating garments that could really make a girl look hot, if worn properly. Skirts can make some one inviting and beautiful. They can also at the same time create an image that is not very positive for a woman. The length of a skirt is extremely important. The length decides many things. If the skirt is too short, the girl could get the wrong kind of attention. It may not look good or suitable for her body type. Similarly a long skirt might look awkward for her body type. It makes her look more conservative than she is.

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