Modern African Women - Canvas Paintings Hand-Painted Canvas Artwork

   This is truly a passionate original painting that shadows life and character. This painting focuses on three dancing figures in the center of each panel that are painted in black. The subjects of African women are given jewlery highlighted by light colors and the use of vibrant colors such as red for their garments. The muted background makes the subjects stand out, yet it gives the essence of being outside from the use of light blues and natural greens and browns. These three figures are captured in a moment of ecstatic movement. The two outside figures are facing the center subject as if watching her, and are mirroring each other actions. The center figure has a different stance and is further emphasized by the object in her hands. This is a very modern piece of artwork that is elegant and beautiful. The bold subjects are unique and versatile giving the painting depth. The artists choice of colors really accents the painting and gives it just the touch it needs to bring out the subjects and create an eye-catching painting.

    The Modern African Women depicted in this piece are spread out over three separate canvases  that , while they are  homogeneous in shape, vary in color and depict the movement of the subjects in a way that is unusual and moving. The three canvases are distinct enough to stand on their own as pieces of art, but together they create an elegant, moving and organic series. The three canvas design allows for  a great many possibilities to display this unique piece- the separate pieces can be reorganized,  and hung in a variety of shapes, a horizontal line or a triangular clusters. The pieces can even be separated and hung throughout a home or office. To view a great many more original canvas paintings that share some of the bold and distinct qualities of this one, try exploring our Landscape Canvas gallery.  One piece that in particular that might appeal to you if you enjoy the organic and diverse shapes and bold colors of Diamond Lillies is Lonely Summer, a beautiful painting that will strike similar chords in any art lover. 
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