Model Body Painting

The only new dinosaur model to be added to the Safari Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles range this year is a scale model (1:25 scale) of the Early Jurassic carnivore - Cryolophosaurus. This dinosaur is affectionately known as "Elvis". This has nothing to do with the animal's singing voice, as far as we know, and certainly there is no evidence preserved in the fossil record that such a dinosaur would break into "All Shook Up" or "Jailhouse Rock"

The nickname is due to the bizarre forward facing crest, located on the skull just above and in front of the eyes. This crest resembles the "quiff" hair style of the American songster - so Cryolophosaurus acquired the nickname of "Elvis" during the excavation of the first skull material found, a name that this dinosaur has been stuck with ever since.

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