Works of Raden Saleh

Works of Raden Saleh

Raden Saleh Biography

 Talking about the city of Bogor and its history, it will feel less full, if not talking about the Raden Saleh, a painter of Indonesia. Because, in this city early in his career off and here also the final resting place. When we walk down the road warrior, and precisely in the swarms that were located about 2 miles from the center of the city of Bogor, 50 meters from the edge of the highway, you might find a simple tomb tomb's famous Indonesian painter Raden Saleh. Raden Saleh, Indonesia Painters are poor across Europe, especially Holland. He painted faces many kings, nobles as well as activity and behavior of diverse animals and also rural Java. Public and art critics see as a painter Raden godly amazing, talented and second to none. Raden Saleh was born in 1814 in the region Terboyo Semarang, Central Java. He is of Arab descent. His father and mother named Sayid Husein Husein Syarief Raden Ayu. Raden Saleh grew under the tutelage of his uncle Prince Sosro Hadimenggolo Duke, the famous regent Terboyo intelligent and progressive minded. Raden Saleh married a Dutch woman named NN Indo Winkelman, but the age of the household is relatively brief and ended in divorce. Second marriage took place with Raden Ayu Danudirejo, daughter of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono relatives VI. The couple lived on a mountainside Cidani Bogor. Raden Saleh's painting talents have appeared since childhood. In 1826, he learned to paint from a Belgian teacher, AAJ Payen. Course painted it continues with a French teacher named Horace Vernet. In 1930 he went to Holland with the Dutch art inspector (De Linge) to deepen its expertise in the field of painting. One painting teacher named J.C. Baud.Science landschap he learned drawing from Andreas Schelfhout. Childrenrijen historical lesson he received from Cornelius Cruseman. He also studied at the romantic painter Eugene Delaxroic flow. To learn Copie Werken he visited Haagsche Moseum. Raden Saleh's paintings began to be known naturalist style Dutch public. He then traveled to mainland Europe such as Germany, Italy and France. When attending a meeting with the artists in mainland Europe, Raden Saleh always appear with his Javanese-style costumes.With the kings who ruled in Europe at that time Raden Saleh to establish good relations, among others, by King Goburg, Gotha, and Grootherthog Van Saksen. He also is believed to paint the king and his royal face. King of the famous painting that he painted in the Netherlands, among others: An old man with terkatub hands, face book and globe (1838); Painting daughters de Jonge. In addition to expertly painted faces, Raden Saleh's very good at drawing animals. He presented his painting to the King of Prussia, Willem I of the picture "Fighting Lions". Raden Saleh's biographer, Ny. J. Haaxman de Loos said that the painter Raden Saleh is remarkable. He is the owner of a talent like no other in the Netherlands until whenever. He will never lose its allure and appeal until whenever. MER-C CARES PALESTINAKarya Painting the face of the famous kings and nobles, among others: 1. Painting family of Baud (1832). 2. Painting H. Heutzepeter (1837). 3. Famous paintings of men R.P. Bonington (1832). 4. Painting W. Daendels, Baron Van de Bosch.4. Diponegoro arrest. Famous paintings of animals including: 1. A fight between a lion and tiger. 2. Hunting deer in Java. 3. Hunting buffalo in Java. 4. Between life and death. 5.Battle of bull fighting two lions are fierce. Raden Saleh also painted by the settings of Java that is: 1. A street in pedesaa Java with a convoy of vehicles and horse riders. 2. Scenery in the mountains with waterfalls, villages and people on foot. 
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