Leonardo da Vinci Painting

Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps the most famous of all painters incorporated in this list. Da Vinci was the alpha male. There seemingly wasn’t a thing he tried that he wasn’t exceptional at. He was even perfect in his imperfections. His most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, is surrounded with artistic criticism for having a number of inconsistencies such as the horizon level on the left of the woman is lower than on the right. Yet it is possibly the most celebrated painting of that or any era. The Last Supper, which portrays the last meal of Jesus before being taken away to be crucified, has been damaged greatly because of da Vinci’s insistence of techniques that cause the paint to crack and peel.
‘Leonardo’s’ are women who just look too perfect. You know the women who are always put together, never have so much as a hair out of place, yet something about the way they look makes you think, ‘she’s hiding something.’ From close up or far away, Leonardo’s are very attractive, but very rarely have substance that makes any sense.
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