sona 2011

Sona Pnoy 2011, the former leader and today repetition Pampanga. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo left the house in a hurry after attending the opening of a representative of the second regular session of Congress 15 a day.

Ms. Arroyo has been flooded, putting on a jacket and beige pants, and by television cameras and photography enthusiasts as they left wing northern border Batasan Pambasa building complex in Quezon City.
Arroyo is still potential for scathing remarks by the leader Benigno Aquino III in their participation in the alleged anomalous transactions that suffer throughout her tenure as commander.

Aside from Arroyo, her brother in law, Negros Occidential repetition. Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo again. Camarines Sur and the sons of repetition. Dato Arroyo and Galing partylist PINOY repetition. Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo, also left after the morning session, which opened a new president Feliciano Belmonte.

Capiz Archbishop Onesimo Gordoncilo is the call to spare Aquino, leader of the leader of the first type in the second SONA.

MalacaƱang, however, said Bishop occur very soon, and must wait to really just talk.

"Transform society"

MalacaƱang said yesterday will not SONA Aquino, leader of the second series is just details and numbers that will be inevitably compared to his government, notably from his predecessor, but will be supported by "audio-visual presentation."

But, again, is shipped in a speech of the Philippines, much like in this Summer 2010, to ensure that people in all ways of life and view the message Chief Executive really wants to convey about 95 people million from the Philippines, and most massive of them still live in poverty.

The Secretary Ough Carandang of the presidential communications for the Office of proper planning and development, which the Contact Group and was responsible for drafting the state of the nation speech, the leader will try to show people where he really wants to make it under the nose and eyes.

"The commander will change society," stated that he vaguely within the text.

Carandang and not representative of the vice presidency Valte runner did not give any further details about the sauna.

"It did. Commander saw six drafts before being finalized, but we really had eight or nine projects," stated that he refrained from taking a position, or whether this may not continue to the changes in the last minute.

Based Valte, SONA will Aquino session by some of the bowl of Congress should be like the one that was shipped in a gym in Pasig City Ultra for the first anniversary of his work on 30 June.
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