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As news of the death of Amy Winehouse that has spread Saturday, many celebrities - some who knew her, and many who do not - took to Twitter to mourn them. And Russell Brand, who endorsed British singer when she was talent is unknown and its role in monitoring the star in all over the world, in honor of Winehouse on their website to express their grief and death.

Brand, and addicted to heal itself, and knew that the pattern of life and lived Winehouse, recalling how they first met years ago in Camden, England.

"I put myself in that time, barely up from rehab and trying thirstily women are less complicated so I barely respond to the fact crystal clear now that Winehouse and I am a common affliction, and the disease of addiction," Brand writes.

But it was later, after having risen to fame, Winehouse, Brand did not see her perform live and realize the enormous talent.

"It's not just some hapless wannabe, even after the last fool who has not drunk I am reminded here, and was even ten A - between me and the singer has a minute fifteen years," he writes. "It was a genius and G ---."

Although London police have yet to determine the cause of death Winehouse - and quick to play down any rumors of an overdose - the problems of addiction to the singer were not confidential, and the complications of drug abuse has left her weak.

"Whether this tragedy was preventable or not is now irrelevant, and can not be prevented today," Brand writes. "We have lost a beautiful woman and talented for this disease, and have no talent for all addicts Amy is incredible ... all we can do is adapt to the way we look at [addiction], and not as a crime or a baroque romance, but also that the disease will kill" .
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Brand, who is now eight years sober, attend AA meetings three times a week to maintain the addiction of choice.

"For me, gravity heroin, and then death. You know, to sleep," said the magazine, details of May, "that suicide is increased to shift your life to dream, to make being awake similar to sleep as possible. Drowsily, lazily, mouth dry your way through Day celebrations, touch the way back to the bather dew, which really did not leave, draped in brown, brown everywhere now, and fog! "
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