The Birth of Venus (La Naissance de Venus)

The Birth of Venus

In this painting, The Birth of Venus, Bouguereau had shown his natural instinct and the technical knowledge of the contours of the nude female body. A human body, especially a female nude, attracts the viewers’ eyes by the balanced proportions. And this regard Bouguereau had acquired artistic inspiration from the artists of sixteenth century.

This period of anonymity for painting clothe-less females and males lasted almost for one thousand years. During this period, the flow of artistic depiction through the paintings of beauty of female and male body was dammed. But the painting done by The Birth of Venus, by Botticelli in the year 1482 started a new era in figurative painting. After this incident, the trend was set. Artists were no longer shy about choosing the subject of cloth-less women. (All the images courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
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